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Medical Exams from Complete Eye Care

It is important for everyone to see an optometrist at least once per year to make sure that their eyes are working as they should. At Complete Eye Care, we strive to provide that service to everyone in the Newcastle and Lawton, OK, areas. Take a look below at what is going to happen during our medical exams. Allow us to make sure that your eyes are functioning appropriately!


Comprehensive Eye Medical Exams from Complete Eye Care

When someone comes to see us at Complete Eye Care for an eye exam, we are going to complete a few tasks. These include:

Snellen Chart:  The first step is to have our patients read the Snellen chart. We will have patients read this with each eye individually as well as both eyes together. This allows us to pick up on refractive errors that might be present.

Visual Fields:  We will also take a look at our patients' visual fields. This allows us to pick up on isolated defects that might only be interfering with a portion of someone's visual fields.

Ocular Pressures: Next, we are also going to take a close look at someone's ocular pressures. We will use a specialized device to measure the pressure behind each eye individually. Elevated pressure behind the eyes can be a sign of glaucoma.

Retina: We are also going to take the time to dilate our patients' eyes. This allows us to take a look at the structures that might otherwise be hidden by a constricted pupil. We will take a look at the blood vessels, nerves, and retina. We want to make sure that we don't miss anything!

These are a few of the most important parts of our medical exams that we perform every year. It is our goal to make sure that everyone's eyes are healthy. This is why we encourage our patients to come and see us for an eye exam annually.

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At Complete Eye Care, we encourage all of our patients to come and see us at least once per year. Sometimes, there might be issues developing with someone's eyes that aren't yet showing symptoms. With a comprehensive medical exam, these issues can be detected and an optometrist can save someone's vision. If you are looking for an eye doctor in Newcastle or Lawton, OK, then give us a call. we are here to make sure that everyone has access to the comprehensive eye health services that they deserve. Make an appointment with us today!

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