Hard to Fit Contacts

For some people, standard contact lenses feel uncomfortable. If you have tried contacts in the past but could not wear them due to your eye condition, consider making an appointment with an optometrist who specializes in hard to fit contacts. You can find just such an eye doctor at one of the three locations for Complete Eye Care/Eye Health Associates in Downtown Lawton, Newcastle, or Lawton, OK.


How Are Hard to Fit Contact Lenses Different?

Standard contact lenses fit on top of the cornea to change the direction of light going into the eye. This directional change makes it possible to see images more clearly. However, some people have eyes that do not accommodate the shape of standard contacts because the eyes may bulge out too much or have an unusual shape.

Types of Hard to Fit Contacts

Hard to fit contact lenses include a variety of different styles that can meet the needs of people who have irregular cornea shapes. For instance, scleral lenses fit over a larger part of the eye, so they do not rely on the shape of the cornea as much as standard lenses. Those with a condition known as keratoconus may benefit from these lenses.

Toric lenses can help to correct astigmatism. These lenses have different focal powers in specific areas of the lenses. When you move your eyes, the lenses rotate to put the correct focal power in your field of view.

Those who have presbyopia may need help with both near and distance vision. Bifocal lenses or multifocal lenses can help those with this issue to see clearly at all distances without needing glasses.

Hybrid lenses have a hard center and soft surrounding area to gain the comfort of soft lenses with the vision correction of rigid lenses.

Talk to the optometrist about your options to find the best lenses to correct your vision problems.

Who Needs Hard to Fit Contact Lenses?

Hard to fit contacts work well for people who have astigmatism, presbyopia, giant papillary conjunctivitis, dry eyes, or keratoconus. Both astigmatism and keratoconus affect the shape of the eyes, causing them to have a more pointed shape instead of a smoothly rounded one. Therefore, the curves of standard lenses do not always fit comfortably on the eyes of people with these conditions.

For dry eyes, the optometrist must find contact lenses that will allow the eyes to retain moisture. Similarly, those who have giant papillary conjunctivitis have proteins in their tears that can coat the interior of regular contacts. Those with this condition may need disposable lenses or rigid contacts to reduce the buildup of proteins.

Come See Us for a Hard to Fit Contact Lens Exam and Fitting

If you want contacts but have not been able to wear them before, schedule a visit with us at Complete Eye Care/Eye Health Associates at one of our three locations in Lawton, Downtown Lawton, or Newcastle, OK. Our eye doctors can help you to get the best lenses for your vision and eye health needs, whether those lenses are contacts, glasses, or both. For hard to fit contacts, stop by one of our three convenient locations for a fitting.

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