At some point in your life, you’ve probably noticed squiggly lines, dots, and specs crossing into your vision. Floaters are caused by debris floating in the vitreous of your eyes. In most cases, eye floaters are unproblematic, but they can be under certain circumstances.  Our optometrist at Complete Eye Care wants you to know that in most cases, eye floaters are a benign part of the aging process.


Eye Floaters Can Indicate the Presence of Other Problems

While most cases of floaters are benign, their presence is sometimes an early symptom of serious eye conditions, such as retinal detachment. Retinal detachment occurs when the retina is detaches from the back of the eye. For problems associated with eye floaters, a visit to our optometrist for an eye exam in Lawton and Newcastle, OK will provide you with the answers you need about your floaters.

Know When to Call a Doctor for Eye Floaters

The difficulty with knowing when to visit an eye doctor because of floaters lies with the fact that most floaters are harmless. If, however, you experience a sudden onset or increase of floaters, your floaters are accompanied by eye pain, or you experience vision changes along with eye floaters, seek help from an eye doctor immediately. Even if you do not experience any of these alarming symptoms, regular eye exams are an essential part of maintaining your vision. It’s always better to have your eyes evaluated more often than you have an eye emergency.

Schedule an Exam with Our Eye Doctor Today

Don’t delay getting an eye exam any longer. Even if your floaters or other eye condition isn’t an emergency yet, many eye conditions cause irreparable damage to a person’s eyes when left untreated. That is why it is so important to schedule regular eye exams with an eye doctor you can trust. Call us today to get started. At Complete Eye Care, we’re here for you.

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