Eye Flashes: What They Are and What They Mean

Your eyes are very important. It's vital that you have the quality vision you want and need for work and play. If you're in the Lawton, OK or Newcastle, OK area, Complete Eye Care can help you understand anything that's taking place with your eyes. We can help you address issues with flashes and other concerns by providing the treatment and help you need for good vision, strong eye health, and peace of mind. With an eye doctor you can trust, you'll feel more confident in your eyes for the long term.


What Are Eye Flashes?

Eye flashes are just what they sound like. They're small flashes of light. They sometimes show up with floaters, and other times they're all on their own. Eye flashes are most often caused by tension being placed on the retina. This is caused by a number of different things, both harmless and not. They might be surprising, often because they're unexpected, and they may make you wonder if there are problems with your eyes. Understanding what eye flashes are, and what they might mean, can help you know when to get checked by your optometrist and when you don't need to worry.

Are Eye Flashes Serious?

In many cases, eye flashes aren't serious. They're usually a harmless phenomenon that don't mean much. But there are times when flashes can be a symptom of severe medical problems. The key is knowing which flashes are serious and which aren't. Often, you can't determine that without the help of your eye doctor. With a thorough eye exam, you can find out if you're at risk for an eye problem or whether you're just experiencing random flashes that aren't related to any health concerns.

How Can Your Eye Doctor Help?

Your eye doctor will do a thorough eye exam to look for any eye health problems you might have. If nothing is found, the odds are high that the eye flashes you're experiencing aren't related to a health condition. It's always a good idea to make sure that your optometrist has taken a thorough look at your eyes in order to make sure there aren't underlying health issues.

Contact Our Trusted Optometrist

At Complete Eye Care, we can help you reduce any concerns you have about eye flashes. If you're in the Lawton, OK or Newcastle, OK area, we're here to help. By working with someone you can trust, it's possible to get the peace of mind you're looking for, while still ensuring that you're being treated for any eye health conditions that are present. We know the health of your eyes is extremely important and we want to make sure your eyes are protected for the long term. Give us a call today.

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