Contact Lenses

For those who find wearing glasses to be a nuisance, it's possible to eliminate the need for them without surgery. A contact lens examination isn't very different than an exam for glasses. Plus, contact lenses require minimal care and they are much cheaper than a pair of glasses to replace. At Complete Eye Care, serving Lawton, Downtown Lawton, Newcastle, and the surrounding region, we have optometrists that can fit you for contacts and have you seeing clearly without the need for glasses in just one visit.


How Contact Lenses Work

Despite their much smaller size, contact lenses work in the same manner as glasses. They alter the way light enters your eye and focuses the image on your retina. For instance, if you have nearsightedness, the focal point of the light is before your retina. Contacts move that focal point back, so it's on your retina. The opposite applies to farsightedness. In terms of astigmatism, light enters your eye at two focal points, and contacts focus all the light on one focal point, your retina.

Different Contact Lens Types

Contacts come in a few different varieties. Two of the main types are soft and gas-permeable lenses. All soft contacts are made from a hydrophilic plastic. These plastics absorb water, which makes them more comfortable for your eyes. The amount of water they maintain depends on the brand.

Gas-permeable lenses, on the other hand, are made of more durable material. They don't retain water as well, but they can optimize vision better in some patients, such as those with severe astigmatism or keratoconus. The gas-permeable lenses work to reshape your eye since they maintain their shape.

Our optometrists also offer specialized contacts, known as toric lenses, for patients with astigmatism. These lenses have different focusing powers in different areas of the contact.

What to Expect at Your Contact Lens Exam

At your appointment for contact lenses with us, you'll have to undergo a vision examination. This consists of our optometrist asking you to look into a lens. You'll be presented with different lines of letters. You'll need to read which one you see clearest. This helps our optometrist determine your prescription strength.

Additionally, you'll undergo a test for astigmatism. This test consists of looking into another set of lenses. You'll be presented with two different images, and you must identify which one looks clearer. 

The final portion of the exam is comprised of looking into a machine that evaluates the dimensions of your eyes. These dimensions ensure that we pair you with contacts that correct your vision optimally and fit your eyes comfortably.

Are You Ready for Contacts?

Contact us at Complete Eye Care, serving Lawton, Downtown Lawton, Newcastle, and the general vicinity, for a contact lens appointment. Clear vision without the inconvenience of glasses is easy.

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