Computer Vision Treatment

For most people, peering at a computer or other electronic device for hours is a daily occurrence.  The downside of this type of information sharing is associated with eye problems such as computer vision syndrome (CVS).  This broad term covers a range of conditions that affect both children and adults.  Fortunately, our Complete Eye Care optometry practice offers solutions to help prevent and treat this and other eyestrain issues for patients who visit our Lawton or Newcastle offices.


Understanding Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome occurs when eyes follow the same path in a repetitive pattern.  Extended use of electronic devices means that the user’s eyes follow the same route repeatedly, causing increasing eyestrain as they must focus and refocus constantly.

This type of usage can aggravate existing vision problems such as astigmatism, presbyopia, farsightedness, and vision issues related to diabetes.  The top risk factors for CVS in patients who visit our optometry practice for eye care include aging, diabetic eye conditions, uncorrected refractive issues, and use of the wrong prescription for working on a computer.

Typical CVS symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Eyes that feel tired or strained
  • Blurred vision
  • Red, dry eyes
  • Back or neck pain
  • Scratchy, irritated eyes
  • Double vision
  • Shoulder or neck pain, or both

Our optometrist treats individuals who already suffer from CVS symptoms and offers advice on how to prevent future problems.

How We Treat CVS

Patients can take an active role in protecting their vision by scheduling regular exams at our optometry practice.  Many benefits from blue-light lenses plus anti-reflection and anti-glare properties.  A separate pair of glasses to use with electronic devices is helpful to those who already wear corrective lenses.

Our eye doctor notes that eye care treatment plans include several self-help steps to relieve or protect against CVS:

  • Adjusting computer, keyboard, and monitor setup as well as the location of work documents
  • Adding an anti-glare screen to a computer
  • Repositioning room lighting to minimize glare
  • Adjusting user posture as necessary
  • Taking eye resting and blinking breaks

Solving the problem of CVS and other common vision problems typically require a combination of professional expertise and self-care steps.

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Enjoy the best vision possible thanks to the cutting-edge technology you will find at our Complete Eye Care optometry practice.  We have been helping area families with excellent eye care for generations.  Whether you experience the symptoms of computer vision or another modern-day vision issue or need other corrective eyewear, we have a solution.  Schedule your next exam at our location most convenient for you:  Lawton (580-355-2020), Downtown Lawton (580-248-5280), or Newcastle (405-387-4884)

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