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Diabetes and Your Eyes : How to Prevent Damage and Protect Your Vision

Weakened blood vessels is a common side effect of diabetes. When the small blood vessels in your eye become damaged, the result is typically a degenerative eye disease and vision loss. Changes to your vision [...]

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Your Eyesight as You Age: What Happens and How You Can Help

  By the time you enter your 30s, you’ve been advised countless times to wear sunscreen and moisturizer to protect your skin from the effects of aging. But what are you doing to protect your [...]

October 22nd, 2018|Eye Health|0 Comments

4 Tips to Help Your Child Feel Comfortable in Their Glasses

If you have been told your child needs glasses, you may have a few concerns. Will they feel comfortable in them? Will this help them see the board in school? Will they actually wear the [...]

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How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face and Eyesight

The wide selection of glasses offered by Complete Eye Care may seem a little daunting! Luckily, our expert staff is standing by to help you select the perfect frames for your eyesight, face, and skin [...]

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Flashes and Floaters: How to Tell When You Should Visit an Eye Doctor

Are you seeing small specks, dots, circles, or cobwebs in your vision? It could be that you are experiencing floaters. Some floaters aren’t a large concern and may go away with time. However, some can [...]

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How To Tell If Your Child Needs Glasses

Children generally will not communicate the severity of their vision difficulties. Instead, they will find ways to cope with their struggle. However, avoiding the problem would not be the best solution as poor eyesight can [...]

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