Flashes and Floaters: How to Tell When You Should Visit an Eye Doctor

Are you seeing small specks, dots, circles, or cobwebs in your vision? It could be that you are experiencing floaters. Some floaters aren’t a large concern and may go away with time. However, some can be a serious problem that requires you to see your trusted eye doctor in Lawton — at Complete Eye Care [...]

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How To Tell If Your Child Needs Glasses

Children generally will not communicate the severity of their vision difficulties. Instead, they will find ways to cope with their struggle. However, avoiding the problem would not be the best solution as poor eyesight can affect their development and education, particularly for school-aged children. We suggest having your child seen by an eye-care professional every [...]

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How We See: Learn How Your Brain Interprets Information From Your Eyes

Vision doesn’t necessarily take place in your eyes. Instead, our sight act as a light gatherer for our brains. It sends information to the brain, which interprets  and constructs an idea of what the world around us looks like. The process is a complex one, but the experts at Complete Eye Care are here to [...]

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Your Baby’s Eyesight: Know what is happening during their first 2 years

Much like your baby will learn to walk and talk, they will also learn how to see. As they grow, they will develop the ability to focus their eyes and send the gathered visual information to their brain for proper interpretation. Since the milestones may be a little different for every child, it is important [...]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Next Glasses from Complete Eye Care

Your eyeglasses are a part of your everyday life. They aren’t only a tool, but a reflection of your style and personality. At Complete Eye Care, we understand how personal choosing your frames and Optometrist can be, which is why we strive to ensure your experience is nothing short of a spectacle each time you [...]

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The Definitive List of Contact Lenses Do’s and Don’ts

Thinking about making the switch from glasses to contact lenses? Then you’re among the over 30 million Americans who’ve decided to wear contacts, according to the American Optometric Association.  Contacts come with a lot of great benefits. They’re simple, precise, and they don’t take away from that beautiful face of yours. But as Spiderman’s uncle [...]

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Metal vs. Plastic Frames- The Secrets Unveiled

Are lenses important, even essential, when purchasing a pair of eyeglasses? Sure. Are they the most important factor in getting a pair of glasses? Arguably, yes. Are the frames equally as important, being responsible for the fit, comfort, and fashion statement you are making? I should think so! So don’t let your next, or maybe [...]

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How to Find Your Face Shape, and the Perfect Glasses to Go With It

Your personal style says a lot about you. It’s your chance to express your individual look point of view. And it doesn’t have to stop with the clothes you wear. If you wear glasses, you can take advantage of extra style points. You’ll want to make sure you get the best glasses that flatter your specific [...]

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4 Health Conditions that Can Impact Your Vision

You might not think that a condition inside your body, such as bacteria, virus, or chronic diseases have anything to do with your eyesight, but the truth is that any disease that impacts your body could also be damaging your eyes. Here are four common health conditions that can significantly impact your vision and should [...]

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3D Vision & Eye Health

Seeing in 3D Binocular vision is the ability to align and focus both eyes accurately on an object and then combine the visual images from each eye into a single, clear three dimensional perception. Difficulty seeing in 3D can arise when eye fatigue occurs, forcing the eyes to make adjustments to focus simultaneously on images [...]

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