Contacts 101: Choosing the Right Type for Your Eyes

Do you get the same style of contacts year-after-year? If your contacts are uncomfortable, or if you’ve been told that you can’t wear contacts, your Lawton eye doctor can help you find a better solution. Innovations in contact lens materials and designs are revolutionary! Review your contact lens options with one of Complete Eye Care’s [...]

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Diabetes and Your Eyes : How to Prevent Damage and Protect Your Vision

Weakened blood vessels is a common side effect of diabetes. When the small blood vessels in your eye become damaged, the result is typically a degenerative eye disease and vision loss. Changes to your vision and other more-severe eye conditions frequently occur because of diabetes, so we recommend receiving a thorough retinal exam every year [...]

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4 Tips to Help Your Child Feel Comfortable in Their Glasses

If you have been told your child needs glasses, you may have a few concerns. Will they feel comfortable in them? Will this help them see the board in school? Will they actually wear the glasses? (The last question is often the biggest concern.) Glasses can take some getting used to. The most important thing [...]

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How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face and Eyesight

The wide selection of glasses offered by Complete Eye Care may seem a little daunting! Luckily, our expert staff is standing by to help you select the perfect frames for your eyesight, face, and skin tone. Here are a few tips to help. Eyesight Choosing your frames might feel like the fun part, but don’t [...]

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The Importance of Caring for Your Child’s Eyesight

Children are constantly growing, changing, and evolving. Their eyesight is an important part of their growth and needs to be taken care of from an early age. While maintaining vision at every age is important, children’s eyes are particularly prone to long-term damage. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your child’s eyes are cared for and [...]

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