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  • Vitamins & prevention of Macular Degeneration
    Did You Know? Eating spinach can reduce your risk of getting certain eye diseases like Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD),  because it contains a large amount of lutein, an important eye nutrient. Read more
  • 3D Vision & Eye Health - Lazy eyes, Amblyopia, and more.
    Seeing in 3D Binocular vision is the ability to align and focus both eyes accurately on an object and then combine the visual images from each eye into a single, clear Read more
  • Dryness, Ichiness, Redness... Don't assume it's just allergies!
    At our practice a routine eye exam does not just consist of updating your eyeglasses prescription, but checking the eye health as well. This brings us to the part of Read more
  • Can you stop your child’s nearsighted progression?
    Myopia control has long been studied.  Myopia or Nearsightedness means that a person can see relatively well up close, but can’t see much past arms length. Recent research shows that we Read more
  • A simple scab? Or, life threatening Carcinoma?
    This was a lesion on the cheek of a really nice female patient that I have had the privilege of knowing for several years.  This photo was taken in my Read more
  • Sickle Cell Disease in the Eyes
    This was a case from yesterday.  This patient is a long-time friend of the practice, a really nice gentleman who we have gotten to know over the years of providing Read more
  • 3 Reasons to Love CAVIAR
    1)  CAVIAR Eyewear is Jewelry for Your Eyes CAVIAR glasses don’t just frame the way you see the world. They also shape the way the world sees you. Crafted to the Read more
  • What is wrong with this Retina?
    Ocular Albinism. This picture is from an interesting case we had last week.  Ocular Albinism is an inherited genetic condition in which the eyes lack melanin pigment. Unlike typical albinism, the Read more
  • Cancer of the Eye?
    Go deeper into the signs and symptoms of Primary Acquired Melanosis of the conjunctiva (PAM). This cancer of the eye is deadly serious. Read more
  • Sclerals
    Complete Eye Care Now Offers Sclerals Do you have trouble wearing regular contacts? Do you suffer from a specialized eye condition that prevents you from wearing contact lenses, though you long Read more


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