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Ashley has been part of the Complete Eye Care team since 1999.

Giving Back: Oklahoma School for the Blind

We did it! Our latest Giving Back campaign was a huge success! We collected $830.00 for the Oklahoma School for the Blind. This is enough to provide a new Braille book for every single one of the 83 blind students. Thank you for promoting and participating!

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Eyeglasses Repair & Maintenance

At Complete Eye Care, we believe your glasses should last you more than just one season. Bringing your glasses in to check screws, nose pads, and alignment are just a few of ways to keep you glasses looking new and you seeing well through them. You are welcome to bring your frames in for a [...]

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Recipe for Healthy Eye Sight and Vision

The American Optometric Association and registered dietitian Elizabeth Somer have developed some quick, easy, & delicious recipes focused on providing key nutrients for maintaining and improving eye health.  Good for your eyes, and good for your tummy! Whole-Wheat Penne with Spinach and Gorgonzola Ingredients: 10 oz. uncooked whole-wheat penne pasta Olive oil cooking spray 1 [...]

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Did You Know?

Eating spinach can reduce your risk of getting certain eye diseases like AMD because it contains a large amount of lutein, an important eye nutrient. In order to maintain healthy eyes, add 10 mg of lutein to your diet each day or eat one cup of cooked spinach four times a week. More than 50 [...]

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3 Reasons to Love CAVIAR

1)  CAVIAR Eyewear is Jewelry for Your Eyes CAVIAR glasses don't just frame the way you see the world. They also shape the way the world sees you. Crafted to the height of quality, all frames allow wearers to make powerful style statements while capturing the essence of elegance and taste. Collections are known for [...]

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Geek Chic: Nerd Glasses Rule!

Yes, it's still cool to be nerdy. The Geek Chic glasses craze is going stronger than ever!  We have already previewed the fall lines and frames are getting even BIGGER and... more ROUND!  Personally, we love the Nerd Look.  The NBA Post Game interviews were never that exciting, but now we can't wait to tune [...]

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